A Herald of the West

A Herald of the West

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Author’s Note

1 Mr. Clay is Speaking

2 A Lady and Others

3 From the Other Side

4 A Meeting by the River

5 A Cabinet Session

6 The Lone Cabin

7 I Receive a Commission

8 A Journey in the World

9 On a French Deck

10 Another Side of a Puritan

11 We See a Play

12 At the Dueling Ground

13 An Arrival from the South

14 In the Enemy’s Camp

15 What We Saw in New York Bay

16 Before the President Again

17 The First Message from the West

18 Converging Events

19 The Apostle of Peace

20 The Guns of the Constitution

21 The Coming of the Foe

22 The Bladensburg Races

23 A Night of Defeat

24 The Ruler of a Nation

25 Over the Mountains

26 Afloat on the Great Rivers

27 The Way of Andrew Jackson

28 Sentenced

29 The Night Battle

30 At Bay

31 The Eighth of January, 1815

32 A Girl in White