A Soldier of Manhattan

A Soldier of Manhattan

Publication History

1 A Question of Merit

2 An Unsought Interview

3 A Glimpse of the General

4 The Fashion of New York

5 Enter the Major

6 A Passage at Arms

7 Loudoun’s Way of Making war

8 A Feast and a Storm

9 The Result of a Trial

10 A Morning Surprise

11 A Flight and a Fight

12 In the General’s Tent

13 The Lone Warrior

14 A Sudden Encounter

15 The Assault

16 A Prisoner of the French

17 An Arrival in Quebec

18 A Fight for a Kingdom

19 A Rival Appears

20 The Sound of the Guns

21 Out of the Chateau

22 Through the Gate

23 Under the Right Flag Again

24 A Compromise

25 The Battle of Montmorency

26 A Race for a Rescue

27 Mlle. de St. Maur’s Preference

28 On the Plains of Abraham

29 The Will of God

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