In Circling Camps

In Circling Camps

Publication History

1 The Play of Words

2 A Modest Arrival

3 A Soldier of the Republic

4 A Sky of Steel

5 Making a Ruler

6 An Evening with Varian

7 The Sheen of the Spears

8 The Call of the Drum

9 The Penetration of Shaftoe

10 A Southern Home

11 The Little Church of Shiloh

12 With the Vanguard

13 The Unbidden Guest

14 The Drunken Squad’s Last Stand

15 The Song of the Shell

16 The Night Between

17 The Second Day

18 A Stray Shot

19 When My Eyes Opened

20 A Beneficent Jailer

21 The Time to Act

22 The Prize of Daring

23 The Wind Among the Trees

24 “Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go”

25 The Flight Across the Hills

26 At Last Chance

27 Prisoners of Varian

28 One Woman’s Way

29 With Friendly Foes

30 Within Old Libby’s Walls

31 Before the Generals

32 On a Narrow Stage

33 In the Wilderness

34 A Man of Heart

35 The Heralds of Lee

36 The Price of Shoes

37 The Bucktails Grow Angry

38 Battle’s Shift and Change

39 The Clicking of the Wires

40 The Tale That Pembroke Told

41 A Man Born Too Late

42 The Devil’s Den

43 High-water Mark

44 The Field of the Slain

45 The Last of a Later Roman

46 The Call of the Plough

1 Background: Libby Prison

2 Background: Oliver Otis Howard

3 Index